How To Find Your Market Niche Competitors By Using Semalt's Competitors Tool 

Table Of Content

   1. About Semalt's Competitor Tool
   2. Why You Need Semalt's Competitor Tracker
   3. Getting Started

About Semalt's Competitor Tool

The Competitor tracker helps you monitor your website's niche, track the positions of your competitors in relation to yours and then deliver a comprehensive analytical data of your website and compare it to that of your competitors. 

Semalt's Competitor tool gives you insight into your competitors' websites so you can see what they are doing, keywords they are ranking for, their backlink strength and the likes. Knowing what your competitors are doing to improve their brand can help you improve your own site for higher SERP and of course, sales generation.

By having an insight or overview of strategies your competitors are using, you'll know whether your website is doing better or worse than them. You'll also be aware of competitors' strategies, which you can incorporate into your business for better output. 

Semalt's Competitor analyzer finds all the websites that rank in Google TOP 1-100 for keywords that are similar to those your website ranks for and brings them to your awareness. It also shows your website's ranking position amid that of your niche or industry competitors. 

You'll be given insight into the type of keywords you share with your competitors and the total number of your shared keywords they rank high for on Google search result pages. 

You'll also find a detailed figure table that gives an overview of the number of shared keywords that your website and that of your competitors rank for in Google SERP. With the detailed table, you'll be able to track the number and types of keywords you share with competitors per time. You'll also see the difference that occur with new dates and previous dates covered by your analytical data.  

Why You Need Semalt's Competitor Tracker

If you want your website to rank higher on the Google search result page, you need to be strategic about your SEO and one of the ways to do that is to find your market niche competitors.  

What you need to focus on is the search terms which are relevant to your business niche and competitors in your business field. You need to know what's going on with your market niche competitors, those linking to them, your shared keywords, if possible shared clients and customers. You will need to conduct research on your competitors to keep tabs with their operations and how you can keep ahead or surpass them.

The Competitor's tool will help you tune in on the most relevant search terms, particularly the ones you've not started using yet your competitors are leveraging. After locating your competitors and evaluating them, you'd be able to make your site better. Semalt's competitor tool shows you the results of your various competitors' efforts all in one search engine ranking report. Each individual submission can have the effect of a few hundred searches or thousands of searches depending on the volume of effort put into the campaigns. 

With all of the information provided, you can quickly determine what works and what doesn't. The Semalt competitor tool has the capability to check your competitors and show you their keywords, anchor texts, phrases, backlinks, and even some of their strategies. 

You can view the results in two ways. If you want instant results you can go directly to the Semalt website and download the Semalt Competitor Tracker and Ranker tool for free. If you would like more detailed information, you can purchase a version of the software for a fee. It is important to note that there is a small monthly charge for the tool itself as well as a fee for the access to Semalt's website.

Some of the advantages of using the software are that there are no limitations or restrictions on how you use the program. The software will constantly monitor the web and update its results on a regular basis. The program is customizable, allowing you to input additional criteria into the software. Because there are no limitations, this software can be very useful for those who are involved in competitive online marketing.

The software works very well when you know exactly which keywords you should use in your searches. This ensures that your results are more accurate than if you would use the traditional keyword research tools. 

You will have instant access to the most recent searches and all the information you need to compare your competitors. Since the search engine rankings are updated frequently, the software can be an invaluable tool to update your own searches.

The benefit of using the Semalt Competitor tool is that you get the reports almost as soon as you input your URL. As soon as you input your web URL you can immediately begin tracking your performance in relations to that of the competitors. 

You can also immediately begin making changes based upon actual data that you receive. Another great feature of the Semalt tool is that it is completely customizable. The program makes extensive use of Google's tools including Google Webmaster Tools to ensure all your findings are accurate.

Getting Started

Upon logging into the Competitors' tracker, simply type in your website URL and click the button beside it to get started (as seen in the image below). 

The tool will then analyze your website to locate your competitors and related information about them. 

The Competitor's tool will also launch a full-scale website analysis to find out the shared keywords between your site and that of your competitors. Likewise, it will offer you deeper insights into their ranking position and the likes.

If you are keen on up-scaling your SEO strategies then Semalt's SEO tools are must-haves. And likewise, you should seek out professional expertise here at Semalt to make your website come alive. Asides working alongside you to make the best of your website, we also provide 24/7 maintenance and customer support.